Welcome to the World of Daoist Stone Medicine 


Where the Capacity to Heal is Stretched Beyond the Imagination  

What is Stone Medicine? 

Stone Medicine is a healing modality that was developed and used by the Ancient Chinese and Daoists.  Stones and crystals have the unique ability to help where other modalities cannot.  They not only allow for healing at the physical level for conditions in the here and now, they also have the ability to cross into the planes of spirit and matter to heal emotional wounds and trauma across all time and space.  Due to their physical properties, composition and the frequencies they carry, the healing potential of stones and crystals is truly unlimited!


How Are The Stones Used? 

There are several uses for the stones and each technique has its benefits depending on the issue being addressed.  Stones may be placed on, and/or around the body in different locations as part of your treatment session.  Special elixirs or formularies may be created to assist your treatment goals as well.  The descriptions below, along with Heather as your guide, will help you to decide what treatment might fit best your needs.



If you are looking to heal at levels that transcend the physical body crossing into the planes of heart and spirit, then Stone Medicine is what you seek!  Heather has found this medicine to be the most powerful and potent for those people who have also heard the call of the stones.  She believes that nothing is by chance, and if you have heard the call, it is because the stones are ready and waiting to assist you.  

The 8 Extraordinary meridians 

These treatments are designed for soul level healing, beyond the realm of conscious thought.  They help us work through deep issues with self, feeling lost in life, family issues, and trauma to name a few.  The energies of the stones and their specific placement on the body help us to move past blockages that we might not even be able to name.  By going beyond conscious mind, deep and lasting healing can occur.  

Stone medicine reading 

This treatment is best for retrieving an answer to a certain question or dilemma you may have.  An oracle deck reading is performed helping to find the stone or stones and guidance best suited to assist you on your quest.  Once the reading is done and the stones are in place, the energies go to work to help guide you on your journey of discovering the answers and healing you are seeking. 

Cosmic Dragon series 

The Cosmic Dragon Treatments are all about healing our demons.  There are 2 protocols to work from.  One for our "inner demons" which are viewed as limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves, memories or emotions that haunt us, skeletons in the closet, or secrets we do not want to share with the world.  The second protocol is for our "external demons" or things that came at us from the world outside of us. This can include things like traumas experienced, accidents, illness, or surgery.  Both types of "demons" can cloud our field and limit our healing potential and the joy we experience in this life.

Energy work with the stones 

This form of stone treatment is best suited for physical complaints including aches and pains, injury, or other "here and now" complaints. Stones are incorporated while energy work is performed to address the issue at hand and bring the body back into a more balanced state. 

 Stone Elixirs

 The stones are used to create elixirs and formularies that are consumed orally to help address certain conditions.  The elixir is made by an indirect method ensuring the elixir is safe for consumption.  A dosage and length of time for taking the elixir is given as deemed appropriate for the condition being worked with.  The elixirs are good for addressing common physical issues as well as more complex issues with emotions or trauma.

A Testimonial 

"...stone and crystal therapy has brought a level of healing I never expected to my mind and soul!!!  Over the last month, through the use of stones and crystals, I have realized a peace to some very hard, life-changing decisions.  I have let go of past guilt.  I feel as though I am truly realizing a peace that had once been unreachable!!!     My stone therapy is far from over, but the benefits in the last  month have been unbelievable!!!" ~ D.R. ~ 

Heather's Journey With The Stones


Heather was first called by the stones in a dream while on her own healing path 15 years ago.  A stone named Green Tourmaline showed itself to her and she knew she had to acquire one.  It became a slippery slope.  Heather quickly learned she wanted to experience the healing effects of all the stones.  Over the years she has gradually collected powerful medicine stones from around the world to assist others on their healing journey.

Heather has been studying the many healing avenues of Stone Medicine since the fall of 2021.  She received her certification in Daoist Stone Medicine from the Upper Clarity School in Asheville, North Carolina in 2022 and continues to pursue her stone studies both independently and with the Upper Clarity School.   


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Stone Medicine is not intended to replace the skilled care of your health care practitioner(s) and no guarantee of specific outcomes are made.  These services are for those people interested in learning more about causes of "dis-ease" in the body and the alternative means by which these imbalances can be addressed and ultimately healed.