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What Our Patients
Have to Say

"Heather Allen has truly made a difference in my life.  With her knowledge and skills, she addressed pain issues that I had been having for a couple of years.  She can quickly assess the muscles and tissues that need to be addressed and has the skill set to help make those changes happen.  Thank you, Heather."  -S.A.

"Your search for excellence in myofascial physical therapy will be over once you experience Heather's technique and skill.  My main issues are back and shoulder pain, plus balance problems due to neuropathy.  I found Heather's one-on-one approach essential to ensuring my progress.  Heather gets results.  She sets realistic goals, explains the "what's and why's," listens well and goes the extra mile to personalize her therapy to my specific needs.  Above all, she is knowledgeable and experienced, empathetic and kind.  If you want the best, come to Southern Maryland Myofascial Release, Inc."  -J.R.

"I came to Heather with a lot of physical deficits with chronic back pain being of major concern.  Each session has brought continued improvement.  I no longer need 24/7 pain medication.  I feel more energetic and my quality of life has greatly improved.  I'm walking much better.  People are telling me I look taller because I am carrying myself so much better thanks to Heather.  I highly recommend Heather as a therapist.  She is with you one-on-one the whole session and is sensitive to your needs and concerns."  -J.B.

"After a fall that affected my shoulder, tests, MRIs and talk of possible shoulder surgery followed.  I requested physical therapy before going the route of the more invasive surgery.  Having had excellent care from Heather in the past, I made an appointment with her.  Within seconds of seeing me, she assessed the problem and started a plan of action.  Each session brought more relief and before long, I was freed from the debilitating shoulder pain.  During the whole process, Heather kept me informed and was always available to answer all my questions.  You won't find a better physical therapist anywhere."  -D.N.